Workshop series on greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors, regulation and guidance

n 2013 Defra appointed Carbon Smart to lead a review of the UK’s conversion factors for greenhouse gas reporting. The goal of the review was to improve the usability of the factors through simplification and the development of an online tool to better navigate them. The resulting changes to the factors themselves and the way they are presented will affect any organisation that reports on emissions in the UK.

As part of the overhaul, Defra have relaunched their environmental reporting guidelines and finalised the mandatory greenhouse gas regulation for quoted companies.

business seminarThese positive actions aim to propel both greenhouse gas disclosure and low carbon operations forward, as the UK strives to reach ambitious carbon reduction targets.

Central to all of these changes is the need to simplify greenhouse gas disclosure and keep reporting as easy to follow as possible, freeing up organisations to take real action.

If you are new to greenhouse gas reporting, or haven’t quite kept up with the changes to Defra’s guidance, the new regulation and the 2013 conversion factor format, book a place to one of our workshops to enjoy a masterclass with members of the Carbon Smart team.

The workshops will be held in:

London – 26th November 2013 (Location and time TBC) click here to reserve a place

Manchester – 28th November 2013 (Location and time TBC) click here to reserve a place

Edinburgh – 29th November 2013 (Location and time TBC) click here to reserve a place

Places are limited and will be confirmed in due course with exact locations and timings.

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