Wind energy breaks UK records in January

We are very pleased to see that official figures from National Grid show that wind energy broke new records for weekly, monthly and half-hourly generation, highlighting the central role wind plays in the energy mix.

In January, wind provided 14% of Britain’s electricity (4.13TWh), making it the most productive month ever – enough to power the equivalent of 8.7 million UK homes.  The weekly record was broken in January with 1.119 GWh generated, and the half hourly record was exceeded on the 2nd of January when wind supplied 31% of Britain’s electricity demand. The news came as overall UK wind capacity topped 12GW for the first time, a milestone for the country – enough to supply nearly 7 million households annually.

Whilst renewable energy is a fundamental element of our nation’s and indeed the world’s path to a low carbon future, reducing the amount of energy we all need to maintain our quality of life, run our businesses and provide services is just as vital if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

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