Business Owner

We can help your small or medium business cut energy and waste costs, and win new business with a strong environmental policy and environmental accreditation.

We have worked with over 1500 SMEs to improve environmental performance, both privately and as part of local authority and European funded programmes.

Under private contract, we focus on the needs of the business to build a plan of action to improve its sustainability. For example, we certify businesses with our Carbon Smart Certification, recommend practical measures to lower energy use in the workplace, encourage staff to rethink their transport options, help make applications for green investment funds, or assess supply chain sustainability.

We tailor the programme according to the funding client, but usually SMEs in our funded programmes will receive free support in the form of a workshop, a site visit, a calculated carbon footprint, an action plan for reducing energy, water and waste costs, an environmental policy, and in some cases Carbon Smart Certification to indicate the progress made by the business in working towards better environmental practice.

We know SMEs, and we are experienced at fitting environmental actions around busy schedules and limited budgets. Contact the team to learn more about the help we can offer.

Carbon Smart Certification

Carbon Smart Certification is all about acknowledging and gaining recognition for businesses that want to grow in a sustainable manner. It is about working together to grow and nurture your business, its environmental credentials, environmental performance and networks. We want to help your business grow and thrive in a landscape were sustainability becomes everyday  practice.

Our accreditation is designed to tell a story about your businesses commitment, activities and achievements and to plot this progress through three stages of accreditation, Carbon Smart Blue, Silver and Gold. Most importantly it’s designed to celebrate your accomplishments!  

More information about the Certification programme can be found on