What is your post-Brexit environmental strategy?

As the dust still settles from the UK’s decision to leave the EU, we are left to speculate on the long term impact on the UK’s environmental agenda. Will there be changes to the environmental regulations that businesses need to respond to? What implications could there be on Government subsidies for environmental technology? What impact could be seen on the 2015 Paris climate conference agreement? Carbon Smart can help you plan your strategy and be prepared.

At Carbon Smart we are minded to be optimistic:

  • The UK is bound by the Climate Change Act 2008 – this is a UK law which requires reduction in GHG emissions by 80% by 2050 from 1990 levels – the UK’s commitment to this has been reiterated by the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change since the result of the referendum and the fifth carbon budget has been set
  • Whilst businesses in the UK are still required to meet the requirements of EU regulations that improve environmental performance, the UK took a leading role in defining many of these regulations, and as such are unlikely to unwind their commitment to these issues on the world’s stage
  • Even if the UK did step away from some EU environmental regulation, this would not be possible until at least 4 years from now (this is the forecast amount of time it would take us to leave the EU). Moreover, it is likely that UK-specific environmental regulation would be put in place in the meantime – this in itself could reap additional environmental benefit through legislation that is more tailored to UK businesses
  • Brexit could accelerate innovation and growing environmental commitment –  businesses will need to be prepared to compete in global markets more than ever before, ensuring their environmental strategy and credentials are robust enough to trade into the EU, and provide a clear point of difference between themselves and competitors will be key

In order to start preparing your business today, you should be abreast of the current environmental pressures being exerted in terms of regulation, stakeholder requirements and competitor activities. Understanding the potential impacts of Brexit on the UK and the upcoming EU regulation is essential for developing a roadmap for the short and long term to improve your environmental performance and enhance your organisation’s competitiveness.

Carbon Smart’s experts can help you be Brexit-ready – call us now.

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