Top tips for a cool and green summer

It is that time of year again – the sun is shining (for now), the flip-flops are out and the parks are busy and vibrant. At this time of year, keeping comfortable in the heat of the office can be difficult. With our handy tips you can stay cool, reduce energy consumption and save money:

Here are our hot tips:

  • Don’t always reach for the air conditioning, open windows as soon as you arrive in the morning – before the building heats up.
  • Ensure a through draft by opening windows that are opposite each other.
  • Invest in a reusable water bottle or flask, instead of buying plastic ones. You’ll be saving resources and limiting waste that way.
  • Instead of using your water cooler, put a jug or two of water in the fridge and use that to make your drinks throughout the day.
  • Turn off unused equipment, many electrical items (phone chargers, printers, scanners, monitors etc.) still draw energy even in sleep or standby mode – transformers and motors will generate heat.
  • If the sun is shining through the windows, consider turning your lights off.
  • Switch your light-bulbs to energy efficient LEDs, they stay cooler.
  • If you cycle to work and you arrive all hot and bothered try running the cold tap on your wrist for 30 seconds.
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