My top 5 tips for scope 2 dual reporting success

For global organisations, scope 2 dual reporting can be nothing…

Financial and non-financial reporting: Two sides of the same coin?

Annual reports have long been recognised as an important medium…

What is your post-Brexit environmental strategy?

As the dust still settles from the UK’s decision to leave the…

2015 conversion factors released – time to update your reporting

Carbon Smart has once again worked with Defra and DECC to put…

Rathbones win at the 2014 ICSA Excellence in Governance Awards

Carbon Smart are very proud to announce Rathbones’ success…

2014 conversion factors: beware of increased electricity values

Although round 1 of mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions…

New energy legislation for large organisations

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, the UK government’s…
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Domino's Responsible Delivery Plan

Domino’s Pizza are recognised as the leading pizza delivery…

A day out at the ICSA Corporate Governance Conference

Carbon Smart exhibited at the 6th ICSA Corporate Governance Conference…

Degree day analysis helps organisations to evaluate energy performance

Deciphering the impact of efficiency measures on your energy…

Lessons in smart assurance from our 4th Annual Index

The fourth edition of the Smart Assurance Index reveals which…

Workshop series on greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors, regulation and guidance

n 2013 Defra appointed Carbon Smart to lead a review of the UK’s…

CRH, the building materials group tops the Smart Assurance Index for the first time

Carbon Smart has published its fourth annual Report and Index…

Top companies join our masterclass to ensure carbon reporting is right

You might think that the largest companies need little assistance…

The State of Sustainability Assurance Four Years On

According to the Global Reporting Initiative 95% of the top…

Avoid reporting pitfalls – follow Carbon Smart’s top tips for time efficient greenhouse gas disclosure

More frequently than ever, sustainability metrics are a feature…

Defra conversion factor resources are overhauled in time for new mandatory greenhouse gas regulation

Simplification of the Defra conversion factors will require organisations…

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