Stone & Ceramic Ltd achieving Silver certification

Stone & Ceramic Ltd is a specialist natural stone and tiling subcontractor working on high spec commercial and luxury residential projects throughout London and the Home Counties.

Stone & Ceramics has been re-certified again this year, retaining their silver certification. The company been a part of the Carbon Smart certification scheme since April 2013 and have grown considerably during that time. Despite these opposing pressures of economic growth and reducing environmental impacts, Stone & Ceramics recognise the importance of sustainability within their business. As a result, they calculate and analyse their carbon footprint with Carbon Smart on an annual basis.

Their total Carbon Emissions from 1st June 2015 to 31st May 2016 was 65 tonnes CO2e, a slight increase on last year’s 54.2 tonnes CO2e, but this did not include flights. This year, we wish Stone & Ceramics Ltd the very best with their growing business and hope they continue to uphold their environmental values. As a company, they’ve begun to set the correct foundations for a Gold level certification and we wish them all the best with this year’s sustainability effort.

Read what Stone & Ceramic had to say: 

We have been dealing with Carbon Smart for three years and have been very happy with the process. We have almost quadrupled our turnover since 2013 and with the advice of Carbon Smart, we have reduced our Carbon Footprint by almost 10% overall plus improved the quality of the data we use to calculate it. This includes reducing our carbon footprint per staff member from 4.48 tonnes in 2012-13 to 2.17 in 2015-16 (a 50% saving) and our carbon footprint per £100k of turnover from 1.79 tonnes in 2012-13 to 0.434 in 2015-16 (a massive saving of 75%!). 

Throughout our 2016 Carbon Smart re-certification we had great communication with Jack & Aleksandra. They have given us some great ideas on how we could improve our Carbon Footprint. Based on our experiences, we would be happy to recommend Carbon Smart to other companies who are looking to reduce their environmental impact.

– Rachel Thomas, Business Support & Improvement Manager