Smart Data Service

“The Home Office outsourced carbon reporting data collection and management to Carbon Smart. They have helped us unify our data collection processes and support us with our multiple reporting obligations both internally and externally. Carbon Smart provides detailed insight into our data to allow us to forecast performance and focus on improving data quality.”
John Cole, Head of Sustainability, Home Office

About the service

At Carbon Smart, we believe that creating good quality, readily available and accessible data lies at the heart of any effective action on sustainability. Our Smart Data Service allows clients to take control of their sustainability data, unlock insights throughout the reporting cycle and significantly reduce the cost of compliance. The service combines the capabilities of our proprietary Smart Data platform, GreenGauge, with the expertise and knowledge of our consultants.

Features and benefits:

  • End-to-end consultancy support
  • Improved data collection and enhanced reporting outputs
  • Tailored methodology, templates & training to increase data coverage and consistency
  • Data estimation capabilities to mitigate against incomplete data
  • Timely availability of sustainability data to meet multiple reporting deadlines
  • Exception management to highlight data quality issues
  • Configurable reporting capabilities for enhanced visibility and control
  • Ability to influence outcomes during reporting cycle
  • Reduced staff costs for sustainability data collection

Why choose Smart Data Service

To implement effective sustainability strategies, adopt good governance practices and ensure regulatory compliance, organisations are increasingly required to collect, manage and report on a wide array of sustainability data. This creates multiple challenges:

  • Data quality, format and availability can vary considerably
  • Data collection and reporting periods can be monthly, quarterly, annual or multi-year
  • Reporting must cover distinct, misaligned or overlapping time periods
  • Conversions are needed to show total consumption, expenditure and emissions
  • Other indicators may also be required (E.g. intensity ratios, base-year and benchmarks)

Unsurprisingly, for many companies, the effective management, collation and reporting of their sustainability data can be a time-consuming and resource intensive process. By using our Smart Data Service, organisations not only drive improvements to the quality and coverage of their sustainability data and reporting, they also significantly reduce the internal staff burden typically associated with reporting and compliance.

Find out more about our approach and the benefits to your organisation by downloading a copy of our Smart Data brochure or call us at 020 7048 0450.

Download our Data brochure:

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Our Smart Data Service team

Martin Sedgwick

Martin Sedgwick

Principal Consultant
Alex Todorovic-Jones

Alex Todorovic-Jones

Data Scientist