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wasteThis year marked the 10th anniversary of national recycling week and there’s more attention than ever on capturing the valuable materials being lost to landfill. According to Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP), a staggering £2.4 billion-worth of materials has been collected by local authority recycling schemes in the last 10 years.

With improvements in technology and reprocessing infrastructure, greater value can be recaptured from waste materials. As landfill costs increase, tightening legal environment requirements and increased public and corporate expectation, there hasn’t been a better time to recycle more! We’ll be the first to admit that rummaging through waste isn’t glamorous, but there are multiple benefits of conducting a waste audit. Carbon Smart believes that there are three main reasons why organisations should carry out a waste audit;

1.       Cost savings

There are considerable savings to be made from diverting recyclable material away from general waste. On average it costs 60% less for every bag of recycling compared to landfill. A waste audit highlights the potential for simple cost reductions.

2.       Do you really know what’s in your waste?

Facilities, catering and cleaning teams are often unaware of what their general waste consists of and unintentionally claim to be performing better than the reality. There are numerous quick wins that can improve waste infrastructure and result in greater recycling uptake by staff. Getting an expert review can offer support and guidance that perhaps your teams had overlooked.

3.       Waste data and reporting

Data collected during a waste audit can help your organisation to identify ways to reduce waste and enhance its recycling efforts. It also provides baseline performance data to monitor and compare improvements and set targets going forward.

What to expect from a waste audit

Carbon Smart’s team of waste management consultants have delivered waste audits and assessments for over 100 organisations across the UK. We are able to tailor our approach for single or multiple tenants, internal facilities management and building owners across multiple sites. We deliver our waste audits using a three phase approach;

–          Waste assessment

–          Waste audit

–          Evaluation, report and feedback

We believe that this approach provides full transparency to clients about their waste performance.

One of the principal intentions of our waste audits is to offer simple solutions to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill and passing on the cost savings to you. Our costs are competitive and our approach employs measures to address the fundamental issues of effective waste management.

 ‘We were pleased with all aspects of the audit, and were impressed with the pre planning process, the way in which the audit itself was conducted and especially pleased with the format of the audit reporting and advice provided. I would have little hesitation in recommending Carbon Smart to other potential clients who are considering implementing a similar process.’

Chris Fincham
Purchasing Manager
British Medical Association

Rummage through to savings!
By providing real data, we can support you to monitor progress and set targets for improvements. We have conducted follow up audits for several clients to quantify progress as a result of our recommendations. Alternatively we can provide the resources for clients to conduct internal mini audits to ensure they are keeping on track.

As part of the package we can provide additional services to deliver training to staff on correct waste management procedures. The feedback from these sessions has been positive and the savings as a result have been substantial.

‘As a result of the waste audit we were able to issue both an individual report to those occupiers that participated and a collective report to all the occupiers highlighting our recommendations that would help improve the efficiency of our recycling systems and reduce levels of waste contamination, the engagement and participation from our occupiers as a result of this process has greatly increased as have our recycling initiatives.’

Eddie Prado
Cleaning Services Manager
Broadgate Estates

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