Rathbones win at the 2014 ICSA Excellence in Governance Awards

Carbon Smart are very proud to announce Rathbones’ success at the ICSA Excellence in Governance Awards 2014. Rathbones won the ‘Best Sustainability and Stakeholder disclosure – FTSE 250’ category on 12 November against great competition for the quality of their 2013 annual reports and accounts.

The award citation stated that “this company presented a good overview of activities that a financial institution can and should be doing in the sustainability space. Sustainability was well linked with strategy and risks, and the CEO chairs a social and environmental committee, which is formed by members of staff. CO2 intensity was measured under a variety of metrics and there was good coverage of how environmental concerns are addressed in their day to day operations – building energy use, travel, paper, waste, refrigerants, carbon footprint, etc.”

Carbon Smart has been supporting Rathbones with Corporate Responsibility reporting for six years, out of which Rathbones were shortlisted three times for the same category, in 2009, 2010 and 2014. We are pleased to see such positive outcomes from a very fruitful and long-standing reporting relationship.

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