oxWIB ‘Sustainability in Business’ Event

On the 6th November, our COO Louise Quarrell attended Women in sustainability as one of the main panellists hosted by OxWIB (Oxford women in business). The event was addressed to a group of curious oxford students mostly female students who are currently studying in sustainable development and environmental sciences. Along with other panellists Louise was invited to answer to many questions from students that revolved around sustainability and climate change.

With UNSDG 5 concentrating on gender equality as an important matter to resolve in years to come, encouraging women leadership is an excellent initiative to take forward for an sustainable future

It was interesting to find out some of the main concerns of students as they really wanted to know the business way of tackling with climate change. Throughout the event, there were many interesting questions, around navigating a career in sustainability and Louise’s personal take on some of the challenges in sustainability from a B2B consultancy point of view.

Here are some topics discussed in the event

  • Personal career journey in the field of sustainability
  • Future of sustainability in businesses? Is there a change in behaviour?
  • What kind of skill do you look out for when your hiring in sustainability?
  • What do businesses do to stay away from green-washing and do lose the emotional connect
  • Drawing the line between activists and a B2B environmental consultancy

Whether you’re a person changing your career in sustainability or you’re a student looking to make the next move after studying, our forthcoming blog will include interesting insights of our COO Louise from all the questions asked by the students of oxford university. Do stay tuned in for our next blog which will cover all relevant questions and answers that the may help you take the right decision for yourself.

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