Offices – do they have a future?

Carbon Smart hosted a ‘Sustainable Futures’ event to bring together leading minds in the sustainability sector, and inspire London’s business world. There was lively debate, with the backdrop of London’s rapidly growing skyline, on whether offices will remain at the centre of our future working lives.

Carbon Smart and Planon hosted an evening of inspirational talks from some of the leading minds in sustainability. Guests ranged from communications agencies, to charities, facilities managers and both UK and Local Government. The presentations shared expert opinion on how sustainability risks affect investment banking and about the future of offices and our working lives; from the weird and wonderful digital innovations that are helping us to share resources and information, to the horrors of what goes into making our beloved smart phones. The Co-op, Friends of the Earth and Forum for the Future among others, helped us to imagine scenarios for our future lives, and which trends and developments in innovation are helping to set us towards a positive and sustainable future.

For more information, read here for the event summary.

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