New Feed in Tariff rate for solar not in place before March 2016?

Since DECC warned us about deep cuts to the Feed in Tariff (FiT) support for solar panels in August this year, we have been waiting to hear what prices will look like from January 2016.

Responses to DECC’s recent consultation on the issue have been prolific and the department still needs to sort through all the responses before they can make an announcement.

However, any negative changes to the FiT scheme can only take place 40 parliamentary days after they are announced. Since Parliament has planned to adjourn over Christmas, and again in February, the new rate might not be in place before end of February or beginning of March 2016.

We are now of the opinion that there will be only a small reduction in the tariff on 1st January 2016, in line with the quarterly reduction we have been used to.

If that is indeed the case, prices in January could be better than anticipated and the current mad rush to install before the end of the year may be a short lived reaction.

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