New ESOS enforcement date ‘gives’ more time to companies that need to comply

Companies that are still working on their ESOS compliance or are struggling to find a Lead Assessor still available before 5 December can panic a little less: the Environment Agency stated in its last newsletter that companies falling under the scheme should ‘Not normally expect [the EA] to take enforcement action for late notification provided it is received by 29 January 2016’.

This effectively means companies can get more time to comply between 5 December and 29 January. It is worth noting that companies planning to comply after 5 December should still get in touch with the EA by that date via their online portal to provide information about their expected compliance date. Companies choosing to comply via an ISO 50001 management system will have until 30 June 2016 to achieve it.

The Carbon Smart team and Lead Assessors will be able to provide support to companies that are still looking to comply after the deadline on 5 December – get in touch with us now at 0207 048 0450 or at if you haven’t started your ESOS response yet.

Access the Environment Agency’s newsletter via this link for further details

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