Just received your CDP summons? Our top tips for scoring success in 2017

Last week, over 5,800 global companies received their annual call to action from the CDP. Over the coming months, the reporting community will gather strategic, qualitative and quantitative evidence to respond to their investors regarding environmental performance.

But, how do you score well without spending every waking moment perfecting your response? Here are our top tips to take the pressure off:

  • Plan ahead – your CDP response should be a collection of your sustainability successes throughout the year; try writing up your journey as you go along rather than scratching your head at the end of the year for good news stories
  • Keep abreast of barriers to success – the CDP framework means you can’t access top marks without embedded targets and third party verification; so ensure you have engaged the right internal and external parties to achieve these
  • Live and breathe the scoring matrix – a key stumbling block for businesses is lack of knowledge of the how the CDP responses are scored. Even the most well crafted responses can still score poorly if they miss out the basic requirements – spend time studying what CDP is looking for before you put pen to paper
  • Ask for help – we have worked with a range of FTSE listed organisations, consistently helping them to improve their narrative and boost their scores

Carbon Smart has helped clients to maximise their CDP results year on year – whether your business needs strategic advice on how to boost your scores, assistance to manage the response process, or to gain third party verification of your sustainability reporting in time for the deadline, Carbon Smart are ready to step in and help.

Marie Broad, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at SThree Plc said:

 “We were really pleased to work with Carbon Smart on our CDP submission this year and increase our score from an E to a B. We find the team very professional and efficient in helping us progress on our environmental agenda.” 

To learn more about the CDP requirements and how to boost your score, please get a free copy of our CDP paper here.

Get in touch to talk through your requirements: Julie.craig@carbonsmart.co.uk / 0207 048 0450