Case Study

Carbon Smart Winchester programme: Sustainable Acoustics

Sustainable Acoustics (previously The English Cogger LLP) have been a part of the Carbon Smart Winchester programme for three years.

Sustainable Acoustics work with clients to deliver innovative ways tomanage sound and vibration, including reducing noise pollution.  Through a dedicated action plan, improved data quality in 2015and clear leadership for a business of their size, Sustainable Acoustics have been awarded the Gold level of Certification.  Sustainable Acoustics assess the following areas in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint as far as possible within the constraints of their current premise.  They now have an action plan in place, with long and short-term goals.

Highlights over the last year have been implementing a zero waste to landfill policy, improving the office lighting, avoiding overheating by controlling the temperature of the offices and reducingone of their biggest peak energy demands by procuring an energy efficient kettle for the office. Sustainable Acoustics are leadingnot just by walking the walkbut also through their wider actions.  On 7th May 2015, they led the first multi-venue live-linked Workshop on sustainable acoustics in practice for the Institute of Acoustics. They are planning to share their thinking and hoping to positively influence others in their profession through leading The Sustainable Task Force – on the key areas where it has been identified that acoustics in practice can contribute to a sustainable future for all. This is a positive indication that they are leading the way with their thinking around sustainable acoustics.

“We found Carbon Smart’s positive, down to earth and accessible approach both encouraging and supportive when entering the scheme in 2013, and subsequently working towards and achieving both our Silver and then Gold Awards.  We used the focus on our carbon consumption as a spring board for expanding the audit and action plan to a full sustainability strategy, which we have now published.  Our first Sustainability report is available on our website.   Employee commitment is fundamental to us building a sustainable business model, and Carbon Smart’s insightful and clear guide provides straightforward concepts that helped to empower staff to become managers of a successful path for positive changes within the business.”

Claire WoodcockSustainable Acoustics