Vérane Gross, Consultant

Vérane joined Carbon Smart in April 2018. From tackling emissions to reducing modern slavery risks, she is driven to help companies address a range of environmental and social impacts along their supply chains. Vérane is particularly interested in identifying opportunities to reduce waste, optimise logistics, increase the use of lower-impact materials and safeguard human rights.

Prior to joining Carbon Smart, Vérane worked in sustainability strategy and reporting at Heineken New Zealand. She then joined a pilot renewable optimisation project in Austria, aimed at developing Heineken’s first large-scale carbon neutral brewery. Vérane also worked at Bloomberg, where she researched best-practice strategies to increase renewable energy use and decrease emissions across a value chain.

She holds an IEMA-accredited BSc degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from the University of Leeds and a MSc in Sustainability Management from Columbia University. As part of her final capstone project, Vérane identified opportunities for her client to recycle textile waste and plastic bottle caps into retail products.

Vérane’s most popular blog: 

Debunking the compostable myth

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Contact details:

D: 0207 048 0450
E: verane.gross@carbonsmart.co.uk