Case Study

Solar panels scenarios for a growing Business Park

Scoping the possibilities

One site scoped for decentralised electricity supply is a growing business accommodation centre near Sudbury, housing a wide variety of businesses from stone cutters, sign writers and archivists, to a café and a pet groomer. As part of a programme of building improvement works, and recognising the investment potential of the site, the owners wished to explore a decentralised energy systems for the business park.

Achieving emissions reductions with a strong business case

Carbon Smart modelled the energy generation capacity of the site, including different scenarios based on potential future expansion. Following this modelled process, we presented the options to the business, making the commercial case and our recommendation for next steps, to maximise revenue streams and cut the carbon emissions associated with their operations. These have focussed on solar panel arrays across several buildings, which would generate c. 450MWh per year, and save c. 250 tCO2e per year. Given the shifting policy and subsidy landscape, the business wanted clarity on funding options for the system, and exit strategies for the various options, which were worked into the proposed scenarios.

Ready for change

Equipped with these scenarios, the business is in a stronger position to negotiate with prospective suppliers, and shape their future plans in the light of the energy generating potential of the site.