FREE CDP guide to boost your score in 2017

by Julie Craig

CDP is a global not-for-profit organisation that works to encourage the reduction of environmental impacts. They request environmental information from companies and cities related to the impacts they have on natural resources and their strategies for managing these and score them based on their response. CDP has become the ultimate standard for sustainability disclosure and encourages companies to develop transparency, accountability, measurement and management of their environmental impacts.

You may have disclosed your environmental impact in the past and want to improve your score, or this might be your first disclosure. Either way, we want you to succeed and created a FREE guide to help you boost your score in 2017. Our CDP guide covers the key changes in 2017 and offers practical strategies to boosting your score.

CDP deadline is 30 June 2017 yet there’s time to prepare your response. Get in touch to discuss your CDP response and how we can help.

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