Simon Chiva

Simon Chiva


Simon entered the environment sector in 2001, and has subsequently delivered a significant number of resource efficiency business support and research projects. His previous role was to manage and deliver Resource Efficiency East, a programme that supported over 1,000 small to medium-sized enterprises to improve operational efficiency and environmental performance. Simon also has experience of working to assist and support businesses in developing innovative solutions to environmental problems. Whilst Head of the Resource Efficiency Unit at UK CEED Simon managed a Recyclate Market Development and an Environment Goods and Services Cluster programme that together generated significant new business opportunities for its members. Simon’s experience covers a range of subjects including engagement and education, carbon reporting, environment management systems, waste management, resource efficiency, sustainable transport and renewable energy.

Simon believes that sustainability should be the foundation of all decisions in life, and that consideration should be given to how an action will affect the things around us and other people. It is with this mind-set that he maintains his dedication towards environmental protection and his approach to client work. Simon is committed to helping clients to understand their environmental impacts and to guiding them to reduce those impacts with positive benefits for the organisation.

Since starting with Carbon Smart, Simon has taken the lead on projects that engage multiple businesses, for example he has been project manager on several European Regional Development Fund projects that aim to assist participant businesses to achieve economic growth and resource efficiencies. Simon also leads Carbon Smart Certification, an award-winning programme which supports businesses to grow in a sustainable manner.

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