Case Study

PricewaterhouseCoopers: Engagement and communication for ISO50001

Adam Bushell, Energy Manager at PwC, shares his experience of working with Adam Woodhall:

Collaborative and interactive

PwC has the international energy standard ISO50001. In 2012 our audit notified us that to ensure continued attainment of the standard in 2013 and beyond we needed to focus on communication and engagement.

I sought the help of an external partly due to my high workload, but also because I think it is important to have a third party who can look from an outside point of view, and give honest and constructive feedback.

It was clear from our first meeting about the communication and engagement issue that Adam Woodhall matched what was required: somebody to collaborate with in order to deliver a hands-on, interactive process.

Comprehensive communication plan

There were other consultants available, but only Adam was able to provide the type of service I was looking for.  Adam really listened to what was needed and interacted well throughout.  The process was also adaptable: the programme started off looking mainly at communications, and then started to consider broader behaviour change.

We worked closely with Adam to put together a programme to create a comprehensive communication plan.  This plan enabled us to retain ISO50001 in 2013.  This also led us to retain Adam’s services in order to help us implement this strategy. The process happened well within the defined timescales and it was certainly an effective use of time.

Team work leading to ISO50001 retention

The direct benefit of this project was ensuring we continued to achieve ISO50001.  The strategy has given us a platform and structure that will help us to achieve it for many years to come.  We clearly understand who our key stakeholders are, as well as the tools we can use and what the main priorities are regarding communication.  Many of our stakeholders, such as office managers, are now effectively engaged and the energy team has a clear view of how to communicate going forward.  It is also likely that this process will lead to energy reductions.

Personally, the process has helped broaden my horizons, looking beyond the technical solutions to a broader view and I think more outside the box – not only about energy reduction but also wider sustainability initiatives.

Adam not only met our expectations by producing an excellent report, but he exceeded them, which has led to a continued excellent relationship, helping us to implement the strategy.

 Working with Adam has been really valuable and we make an effective team. He is always readily available, helping me to stay on track. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other organisations.