Case Study

Parcelforce: Embedding behaviours through positive engagement

I can’t think of any way the workshop could be improved – which is a first!

Martyn NisbetParcelforce HUBS

Recognising the need for embedding behaviours

One year into their Environmental Champions Programme, Parcelforce recognised the need to hold an engagement event to ensure their champions felt valued, recognised and could develop the skills to embed the required behaviours amongst front line colleagues.

Adam Woodhall, our Associate Director, designed a programme to engage Parcelforce’s Environmental Champions and help them develop their skills and aptitudes to take the next steps in the organisation’s cost and carbon saving journey, with 3 stages: content development and train the trainer, workshop, and embedding.

Engaging staff at all levels

Adam wrote new and modified existing content in preparation for the workshop.  A meeting was then held with operational and senior staff to ensure the content aligned with Parcelforce’s values, culture, achievements and corporate aims.  A ‘train the trainer’ session was held prior to the event as Parcelforce provided two co-facilitators to support our lead facilitator.

The full day training session covered four main areas for the Champions:

  1. Why be green?
  2. What can we do to green our workplace?
  3. How do we influence our colleagues?
  4. What green successes Parcelforce has achieved and is planning to achieve

The training used various interactive elements and also included sections where Parcelforce’s Operations Director and Head of Environment and Innovations and Environmental Manager spoke to the attendees.
After the event, Adam promptly wrote up the results and communicated them back to Parcelforce, and then ensured all attendees received a ‘Personal Eco-Action’ email post event which was designed to reinforce the learning from the training and to encourage further action.

Generating positive responses

From the workshops, over 58 environmental and cost-saving tips were generated. In addition, 25 staff were trained through the workshops and ‘train the trainer’ sessions, and rated the workshops highly.

The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive with a rating of 5.4 out of 6 when participants were asked, “How would you rate the workshop overall?”, and the following comments were made:

“The day-long event we ran was a resounding success.  The approach was engaging, ensured strong participation & was pitched where it needed to be to ensure champions left the day feeling better equipped, valued & ready to continue a behavioural change journey that we recognise as a journey with a number of significant steps.  The approach, manner and experience ensured we made good progress.” Michael Anderson, Head of Environmental Programmes & Innovation, Parcelforce

“The feedback we received from the champions was really positive and I felt that people were being energised from the workshop to go away and commit to some clear actions. From a networking perspective, it was also a valuable exercise as the workshop created a forum to discuss different approaches and potentially the sharing of best practise.” Adele Henderson, Operations Director, Parcelforce