Madeleine Alexander, Consultant

Madeleine is an engineer who has made the transition from technical roles into the sustainability field. Prior to joining Carbon Smart she worked for one of the UK’s largest manufacturing companies, initially in analytical and process management positions and later moved on to become a part of the corporate sustainability team.

Committed to growing her expertise, Madeleine is undertaking a part-time MSc in Sustainable Development focusing on environmental policy and economics, biodiversity conservation and global sustainable development strategy. In previous roles, Madeleine has worked to develop strategic responses to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the TCFD recommendations. At Carbon Smart, she supports clients to understand their environmental impact, through carbon footprint calculations, environmental data management and certification auditing.

Madeleine is particularly driven by her interest in responsible supply chains, the role of new technologies in sustainability and how to assess the unintended consequences of business strategies.

Madeleine’s most popular blog: 

How can focusing on climate change recapture the purpose of reporting?

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D: 0207 048 0450