Kamakshi Pandya – Marketing Manager

The experience of transitioning from a brand first to customer first marketing has been exciting, inundating and appealing. Over the years, I have been constantly learning, honing and exploring the best marketing practices.  Brand positioning and visibility, customer acquisition and demand generation are in my DNA along with deep expertise in strategic planning, targeted marketing, campaign development, and management.I have over 6 years of experience in marketing and business development where I have guided corporations, small businesses and early-stage companies in launching innovative inbound marketing campaigns that achieved business goals and revenue growth.

I am currently driving the marketing strategy at Carbon Smart, bridging the gap between sales and marketing, remodelling content strategy and reinforcing employee branding. Embracing the company’s mission and advocating our broad service offerings, I am mastering the art of running innovative marketing campaigns. When I am not curating content, analysing performance and planning the next marketing task, I am exploring tools and technologies to help increase work efficiency. Outside work, I enjoy gardening, practising yoga and hustle and bustle of London city.

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D: 0207 048 0450
E: kamakshi.pandya@carbonsmart.co.uk