Julie Craig, Director

Julie is an environmental reporting expert and leads the Strategy & Reporting team at Carbon Smart. She guides our largest multi-national clients on how to make their reporting best in class. Her team helps organisations to understand their legally required disclosure obligations and, where voluntary, how and where best to report environmental performance. Julie also leads our verification programme providing an independent assessment of businesses’ emissions reporting against the ISO 14064-3 greenhouse gas verification standard. Julie and her team actively support clients to improve their CDP scores year-on-year; and understand the implications of the TFCD (Task Force on Climate Related Disclosure) and EU NFR (EU Non-Financial Reporting) on their reporting.

Julie is a skilled and experienced energy and environmental auditor. She is a qualified Lead Assessor with the Chartered Institute of Building Surveyors and Engineers (CIBSE) and supported our clients to ensure compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) ahead of the compliance deadline.

Julie’s cross-sector clients include Bunzl, Ministry of Justice, Home Office, Porsche and Zaha Hadid.

Julie’s publications: 

Science based targets: a journey of discovery

How to boost your CDP score? 

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D: 0207 048 0450
E: julie.craig@carbonsmart.co.uk