Jessica Cresswell, Senior Manager

Jessica is working with our clients to improve their environmental and social responsibility by assessing the impacts across their operations and supply chains, designing and implementing performance improvement programmes and developing CSR reports.

Jessica leads a range of complex reporting projects supporting organisations to understand the environmental impact of their global operations according to world leading standards (WRI, ISO14064-1). She delivers bespoke supply chain impact assessment projects and helps clients to increase their net positive impact and successfully implement environmental (ISO 14001) and energy (ISO 50001) management systems. She also supports CSR and procurement teams to design and deploy supplier engagement tools for data collection, codes of conduct and communication to monitor and mitigate environmental and social impacts of their supply chains. A key aspect of her role involves communicating our clients’ sustainability performance through annual reports, company-wide statements and voluntary programmes in order to drive reduction of carbon and cost for our clients.

Jessica holds a first class BSc degree in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, with a focus on tackling contemporary environmental issues through compatible tools, performance frameworks, alternative technologies and polices.

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D: 0207 048 0450