Emily Wain, Consultant

Emily graduated from the University of Southampton with a BSc in Chemistry. During her studies, she developed a strong interest in the environment and sustainability and chose to focus on these areas in her final year. She covered topics including climate change and climate change modelling, materials for renewable energy production, aquatic environmental chemistry and ozone depletion. Prior to her work at Carbon Smart, Emily volunteered on a marine conservation project in Fiji. In addition to coral reef surveys and data collection to assist with the implementation of marine protected areas, she worked on waste management and environmental education within local communities.

Emily’s studies and volunteer work sparked her interest in sustainability, from environmental and sustainability theory to first-hand field experience, and has driven her to pursue a career in this field.

Since starting her career at Carbon Smart, Emily has worked on SME projects, closely interacting with businesses to provide energy audits and recommendations to reduce energy consumption. She has also assisted with the carbon footprint of a multinational organisation, as well as calculating carbon footprints for various UK companies.

Emily’s most popular blog: 

2017 – UK’s greenest year to date thanks to renewables

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D: 0207 048 0450
E: emily.wain@carbonsmart.co.uk