Our digital infrastructure needn’t cost the earth

On Earth Day, 22 April 2018, we published research commissioned by CityFibre (www.cityfibre.com), the UK’s builder of Gigabit Cities and leading alternative provider of wholesale full fibre network infrastructure, highlighting the benefits of information communication technologies (ICT) in tackling climate change. We consider how the widespread adoption of these technologies will place ever-increasing demands on communications networks that our legacy copper-based infrastructure is ill-equipped to meet. Furthermore, we explore the contrasting ecological impacts of copper and full fibre technologies at every lifecycle stage: from manufacture and transportation, through to installation, operation and end of life decommissioning. Based on our analysis, our in-depth report provides decision makers with the information and insights they need to make the right choices.

Full fibre infrastructure has a critical role to play in delivering a more sustainable society and way of life  – the environmental, social, economic and technological benefits are clear – and without it, our ability to build a sustainable future is in doubt.

Read our press release here