ESOS Carbon Smart

Case Study

Dentsu Aegis Network: Reinvigorating engagement

Frank Krikhaar, Global Corporate Responsibility Manager at Dentsu Aegis, talks about the project:

Re-engaging the Champions network

“Our challenge was to find a way to deliver against our environmental and carbon targets, particularly by reinvigorating our Champions network.  The aim of our Champions network is to engage colleagues and deliver practical changes in our offices.

We were looking for new and innovative ideas to deliver the initiatives and engage, and re-engage, our champions.  The use of a third party was an attempt to access new ideas.

As an independent advisor there was no prior baggage or legacy and you could ask the questions we couldn’t.  Also it is always good to get an outside perspective from somebody who had recently completed interesting work with other clients.”

Delivering innovative recommendations

“You provided experience of having worked with similar companies, of a similar size and with similar problems. Your E-cubed process [establish>empower>embed] was an effective way of identifying the solution to ensure all relevant questions were asked and avenues were explored.

The objective was to come up with recommendations to re-invigorate the Champions throughout the business and this was definitely achieved.  The recommendations were implemented and over the space of 18 months created success both in the short and long term.

There were certain recommendations in the final report which were new and relatively radical, which at first I felt may not work, such as individualised budgets and the organisational structure.  I’m delighted to report that they have been successfully implemented.

A consultant has to understand the processes, people and structure of our organisation, which does take time, but our expectations were appropriately managed and the work took the expected amount of time.  The solutions provided were focused on being implemented rapidly to deliver the benefits quickly.”

Positive re-engagement and broadening ambitions

“There have been two direct benefits:

  • The objectives were set out and we achieved re-engagement of the network.
  • They moved us towards the goal of reducing our carbon footprint and engaging the community.

The work contributed to higher scores in the employee engagement survey and it resulted in a lower churning of the Champions.  We also achieved additional benefits of Champions in more countries and more participants.

Everything was tailored to our needs.  We were challenged constructively, with agreements and disagreements through the process.  This rounded approach certainly met expectations.”