Corina Radu, Consultant

Corina joined our organisation as a Consultant in the Strategy & Reporting service line in January 2018. She is helping clients to report on their annual carbon performance by managing the internal data collection process all the way through the calculation of the final footprint. Corina also has delivered verification projects against GHG emissions scope 1,2 and 3 in accordance with ISO 14064:3, and a range of health & safety indicators following ISAE 3000 standard.

She has previous experience of managing supply chain engagement projects for clients such as Pfizer, MSD, Allergan and Tesco to help them understand the wider environmental and social impacts across their supply chain. In addition, she collaborated with energy experts from several continents to produce the latest edition of World Energy Council’s flagship publication ‘World Energy Resources 2016’, which provides a global overview and key insights into the emerging energy technologies and resources.

Corina graduated from the University of Kent with a master’s degree in Environmental Social Science. Her final thesis analysed the challenges faced by the energy sector in mitigating climate change.

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D: 0207 048 0450