Alex Todorovic-Jones, Data Scientist

Alex joined Carbon Smart in 2017 with a Masters from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, specialising in environmental science and data analysis. At Carbon Smart, Alex manages databases and platforms. She works with providers, clients, and consultants to aggregate and analyse data related to international reporting frameworks.

Alex started working in sustainability in 2012. Since then she partnered with government departments and NGOs to manage and collect large data sets in India and the USA. During her work in India, she worked with a variety of different stakeholders across three NGOs to set data management standards. She also provided data training sessions for their employees and community members. After three years with Indian NGOs, she presented data from over 3,000 sites and used the results to complete reports for the Indian government and local communities.

While in the USA, she used her statistical and software knowledge to evaluate large data sets for climate change focused research groups at Yale University and University of Colorado. Alex’s passion for sustainability continues to drive her career in environmental data management.

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