How much energy can you actually save from trying to change working practices in an office?

switch offCarbon Smart is addressing a neglected area of scientific enquiry: changing behaviour in an office context. From April to October this year Carbon Smart and Imperial College’s Centre for Environmental Policy are running several experiments in parallel to evaluate exactly what the effects are of measures to change staff working practices in an office context.

The basic idea is: find two office spaces which are separately submetered and are as similar as possible – in one of the spaces try and change staff working practices, in the other (the control group), do nothing – and see what happens to energy use.

With academic support from Imperial postgraduate students and academic staff, Carbon Smart are drawing on their experience to design programmes to change working practices in the different spaces. We have a diverse range of partner organisations keen for us to run the experiment in their buildings.

This cutting edge research will lead to a greater understanding of the part that changing staff working practices should play in an organisation’s carbon management strategy.

For further information please contact Jack Shepherd on 0207 940 8285 or email, otherwise watch this space for updates on the results as they come in.

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