Experiencing the “Engage & Change” workshop – a testimonial

A workshop that clarifies the complex map of engagement, workplace culture and human response to change

Attending a workshop to help you improve engagement around sustainability at your organisation shows a certain level of humility, and courage. And some people have come from far and wide to attend Adam Woodhall’s “Engage and Change” workshop.

What is striking when listening to the people in the room is that they are all facing problems that are very unique to the culture and fabric of their organisation, and yet they all have something in common: they are all responsible for driving and sustaining action for change, and it is clearly not the easiest job to get done.

Adam, author of the Empower Change guide, establishes a three-tiered strategy to improve engagement, and takes the morning’s attendees through a series of concrete examples and activities that constitute a path through that journey. He explains certain theories behind behavioural change and different ways of approaching change of the sustainability kind. These notions clearly resonate with the audience, and everyone is encouraged to think hard about where they are on their journey.

The main take home lesson? ‘There is no silver bullet’. If that might disappoint some, Adam really helps his audience establish the groundwork over which they can build an action plan that suits their particular needs: the importance of a strong culture and good timing, the power of asking the right questions, thinking about the way people respond to innovation, how to deal with extreme behaviours to sustainability and how far is too far from your comfort zone to act are some of the lessons he shares along the way.

The workshop’s unadmitted objective is also to serve as a cathartic session, where people are not encouraged to vent, but rather to share experiences and realise they are not alone. Adam presents the role of empowering change as requiring a lot of personal involvement. Guest speaker of the day John Hutton, Head of Sustainability at BAM Nuttall, reinforced that notion in an inspiring speech where he stated that ‘any action to improve sustainability and increase engagement should always come from the heart’.

Ultimately, Adam encourages everyone to think about what’s stopping them from moving forward and asks what the next step needs to be. Giving the attendees the time to think on their own or to share their experience gives everyone the opportunity to be truly honest, especially with themselves. The morning provides the attendees with the space they need to take a step back and reassess, only to return with a renewed dose of enthusiasm and some new tools to their belt.

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