ESOS: Environment Agency says do as much as you can before 5 December

Two months away from the deadline, a large number of companies still haven’t gone through the steps to compliance with ESOS, and many face the risk of not hitting the deadline on 5 December.

A project manager at the Environment Agency stated in reply to a query sent by Enistic that ‘Where an organisation has done something rather than nothing before the deadline then this is obviously going to be more favourable to their case when we are reviewing it. We would recommend that organisations do as much as they can before the deadline even if they know they will not be in a position to comply fully by 5 December’.

In light of this comment, businesses that haven’t started complying should look into appointing a Lead Assessor and going through the first stages of measuring their energy consumption sooner rather than later to have, at the very least, initiated something before the deadline comes.

For those companies that have already clicked the ‘submit’ button, it’s a good time to think about how to reap the benefits of the compliance exercise. Now that you know how much energy your company consumes and how it could improve, there are different ways you can make the most of this information. We can help with implementation of recommendations, managing your data on an ongoing basis for future compliance or reducing other environmental impacts in your organisation like waste and water. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities and start a plan for the new year.

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