Look out for the Heat Network Regulations this year

Heat suppliers should be on the lookout this year for a little-known piece of legislation – the heat network regulations.

Heat suppliers for communal heating/cooling networks such as sheltered housing, halls of residence or rented accommodation with a shared source of heat, have until the 30th December to take action under the new Heat Network Regulations. Shopping centres and hotels with sub-let space like fitness centres or restaurants may also be caught.

They must provide information about their communal heating/cooling networks to the National Measurement Office. Supply that is part of a package or a service charge is also covered by this new legislation.

With the reporting deadline only weeks away, heat suppliers need to check whether they fall within scope and to gather the relevant information if they do. Failure to do so before the deadline will lead to penalty fines.

If you think this may apply to you, or if you’re not sure, get in touch and we will help you to get it right.

Find out more information about the Heat Network Regulations in our SmartPaper.

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