COP21: a few links to look at before it all begins

As Monday hails the start of COP21, we’ve put together a few articles, webcasts and online tools to make sure you are up to date with the conference before it all begins.


Businesses lay out key Paris proposals to avoid ‘zombie’ scenario

‘We Mean Business, a coalition of influential businesses and investors controlling assets worth $19.5trn, yesterday (24 November) sent a briefing to the key negotiators for the forthcoming COP21 talks, highlighting the eight key text proposals that the business community wants to be included in an ambitious global climate agreement’:–zombie–scenario/


Business, government and COP21’s chicken-egg problem

The role of businesses at COP21, the outcomes we can expect and a good reminder that ‘The last thing we want to do is characterize Paris like it’s prom night, then at the end we fall off and are disappointed. It’s certainly not the only game in town’:


CEOs of 78 major firms call for carbon pricing COP21 deal

Despite being told in October by Christiana Figueres that a global carbon price would not be reached at the conference, the private sector is not giving up on the issue:


Paris climate talks: Developed countries must do more than reduce emissions

To stay below the 2 degree mark, developed countries need to be very ambitious – that means businesses too.

‘If developed countries do not make significant and absolute reductions in their emissions there will be a progressively smaller carbon space available to accommodate the development needs of developing countries. There is a difference between the emissions of developing countries which are “survival” emissions and those of developed countries which are in the nature of “lifestyle” emissions’:


UNFCCC press conference with Christiana Figueres on 18 November

In a press conference last week, Christiana Figueres reinforced the importance of non-state actors to work against climate change: adaptation needs to occur close to the ground, in local authorities and the private sector:


Paris Contributions Map

A wonderful page to understand and compare countries’ Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) – includes maps, tables and charts:


Get the big picture

Last chance to read up on the ins and outs of the conference before it starts:


Image credits: Eiffel Tower from the Tour Montparnasse by Terrazzo, CC

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