COP21: one week in

Five days of COP21 have gone by: negotiators have managed to draft a 21-page agreement and leave the floor to country ministers to move the talks forward this week. Here are a few links to sure you are up to date.


Summary of each day from Edie

Day 1: talks by country leaders lasted all day, new initiative Breakthrough Energy Coalition for clean energy backed by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg:

Day 2 – Forests day: the focus on forests included Prince Charles’ appeal to businesses to ensure forests are protected in their supply chain; hacked adverts around Paris underline business accountability:–Deforestation-top-of-the-unofficial-agenda/

Day 3 – Water day: 27 businesses launched the new Business Alliance for Water and Climate Change; the number of institutions committing to divest on went up to 500; awards in side-events keep underlining countries and companies for their good/bad behaviour

Day 4 – Buildings Day: 16 companies in the construction sector made pledges to deliver less energy-intensive buildings; Google joined the RE100 (Renewable Energy 100) group; Elon Musk of Tesla spoke at the Sorbonne about the importance of pricing the damage done:

Day 5 – Oceans Day: Launch of the new climate change disclosure task force to advise companies on climate change related financial risks; 609 of 2000 largest companies are engaged on NAZCA (UN register of climate action commitments):


American Business Act on Climate Pledge

The list of companies that have signed the American Business Act on Climate Pledge to support a strong Paris outcome and act themselves continues to grow:

Coalition of business leaders challenges 2C climate change target

Chief Executives of companies like Virgin, Marks & Spencer, L’Oreal and Unilever push for a 1.5C goal, rather than 2 degrees:

Climate Talks Split Into Groups to Tackle Thorny Issues

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius is hoping for an agreement to be finished by Wednesday night but that seems unrealistic, with enduring resistance on certain points from countries like Saudi Arabia:


Image source: 1heart1tree – Tour Eiffel a Paris, Yann Caradec CC,

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