Clean Energy for Communities

Parish councils and other community groups have an open door to explore the benefit to their residents of renewable energy tech in their community. DECC and Defra are offering grants to eligible groups to commission feasibility studies on technologies including solar PV, biomass boilers, heat networks, heat pumps and more.

These grants allow you to investigate the technical and financial viability of any desired systems in your community – and use the income you generate for the good of the community. Some recent projects include:

  • Solar panels on schools giving pupils lowcost electricity while tackling fuel poverty
  • Heat networks at a medical centre ensuring low cost, low carbon heat at critical community facilities
  • Community owned solar farm in Oxfordshire generating returns for local share holders
  • A community owned wind turbine with profits going to a local community association for further distribution

Imagine what you could do for your community!

Carbon Smart is working with parish councils, faith groups, charities and other eligible groups to access this funding and conduct feasibility studies. To find out more, get in touch: 0207 048 0450 or email



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