Carbon Smart supports organisations to become CarbonNeutral®

Many organisations have been CarbonNeutral® for years, annually calculating and offsetting their carbon impact. Now these same organisations are beginning to demand more help with their wider sustainability journey, and turn their commitment to offsetting into a strategy for improving sustainability performance. Unique amongst its assessment partners, Carbon Smart are now offering carbon quantification and carbon management assistance to The CarbonNeutral® Company’s clients.

As assessment partners, Carbon Smart provides dedicated consultants who visit potential CarbonNeutral® sites, helping their clients identify areas of energy inefficiency and high carbon impact. We provide accessible advice on how to calculate emissions, reduce them, engage staff and improve performance. The specialist services on offer are extensive; from one-on-one advice looking into resource optimisation, to tailor-made support reducing future offsetting obligations.

One of our latest clients, a distributor of world-wide wines, chose Carbon Smart’s support package to understand how to quantify their emissions so that they are able to reduce them in future. The risk of reporting inaccurately was reduced through this support package that helped them to set reporting boundaries in line with international standards, ensuring their emissions profile included all material impacts of the business. Gathering data from all aspects of their business was supported through the provision of tools and templates that provided a way of communicating with different departments as well as extracting information from various data handling systems.

An analysis of the carbon footprint provided them with a multi-faceted approach for improving their sustainability performance, including a management plan to focus efforts and tackle areas with the biggest potential for emissions reductions, and support on how to communicate the efforts made in this area to engage with staff and external stakeholders.

Carbon Smart’s assistance in installing more robust reporting methods and processes has strengthened this client’s offsetting programme. In addition to this, the advice focused on improving sustainability performance long-term will help our client to reduce their obligation to offset in the future.

If you wish to pursue CarbonNeutral® status please get in touch.

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