Carbon Smart announces partnership with software provider Greenstone to facilitate ESOS compliance

Carbon Smart are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Greenstone, provider of non-financial reporting software, to support clients throughout ESOS compliance.

The new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) regulation requires large organisations to measure their total energy consumption over a period of 12 months and audit 90% of that energy before the end of 2015.

Greenstone’s recently launched ESOS reporting functionality is a great addition to its existing non-financial reporting software, enabling clients to easily organise their data, prepare for energy audits and keep all of their actions in one place. The Carbon Smart team are working with existing Greenstone clients and those new to software to ensure gathered energy data complies with the regulation, as well as supporting clients to find energy saving opportunities and assist businesses to take voluntary action to implement the suggested improvements.

Julie Craig, Principal Consultant at Carbon Smart, says: ‘As energy and compliance experts, we are already supporting a number of businesses to comply with ESOS and as such we know that data capture is a long term challenge. By joining forces, Carbon Smart and Greenstone offer a seamless service to clients ensuring a straightforward approach to compliance.’

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