Britain’s climate is changing: what is your business doing to stop it?

More than ever, reducing our energy consumption and our carbon footprint is essential to mitigate the very real effects of climate change. 2014 has been the hottest and the second wettest in Britain for a century according to the Met Office and sadly, it isn’t just a one-off: the seven warmest years since the records started were all after 2000, showing that average temperatures are rising and pointing to climate change as the cause.

This doesn’t simply mean buying fewer jumpers and more umbrellas – the changes in weather are bound to have dire consequences in terms of floods and heat waves. The damages caused by a flood like the one Britain experienced in 2007 can be very costly, and droughts put vulnerable people at risk.

Reducing these risks is everyone’s responsibility and businesses have their own role to play. Having an effective environmental strategy isn’t simply an opportunity to get ahead of the crowd anymore; it is a no-brainer to prevent costly risks down the line. So, is your business doing everything it can?


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