Rise up from the rubbish

This year marked the 10th anniversary of national recycling week and there’s more attention than ever on capturing the valuable materials being lost to landfill. According to Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP), a staggering £2.4 billion-worth of materials has been collected by local authority recycling schemes in the last 10 years. With improvements in technology […]

Carbon Smart supports small businesses looking to grow in the low carbon supply chain!

Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LCR LEP) is responsible for developing and delivering a Low Carbon Economy in the City Region. One of the organisation’s key objectives is to support the growth of small businesses looking to become part of the sector supply chain or to grow in the sector. In June 2013 LCR […]

Supply Cross River 2 (SXR2) – making your business more efficient

Carbon Smart is thrilled to announce its participation in the new ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) ‘Supply Cross River 2’ programme, an initiative developed by the Cross River Partnership and designed to provide environmental support to small to medium sized businesses in central London and stimulate local economic growth. The project has been designed to […]

How much energy can you actually save from trying to change working practices in an office?

Carbon Smart is addressing a neglected area of scientific enquiry: changing behaviour in an office context. From April to October this year Carbon Smart and Imperial College’s Centre for Environmental Policy are running several experiments in parallel to evaluate exactly what the effects are of measures to change staff working practices in an office context. […]

Defra conversion factor resources are overhauled in time for new mandatory greenhouse gas regulation

Simplification of the Defra conversion factors will require organisations (both experienced and new to reporting) to fully appreciate how recent changes affect their UK greenhouse gas reporting.  Some organisations using the Defra conversion factors will need to rebaseline their data to align with the new approach; others will find new simpler ways to get to […]