BEIS guidance fails to guide

Government SECR guidance fails to guide

The Government documentation outlines the general requirements of SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) but remains open to interpretation and…
Sustainable Christmas

The ultimate guide to a sustainable Christmas

Christmas is around the corner - and there is no getting away…

oxWIB 'Sustainability in Business' Event

On the 6th November, our COO Louise Quarrell attended Women in…

Peas Please Challenge

The Peas Please Initiative aims at increasing vegetable consumption by changing the food industry - from food production to restaurants…
Single use plastics

The Era of convenience wrapped in plastics

Packed groceries, packaged lunches, daily snacks wrapped in plastic packaging, plastic water bottles, shopping bags, are now an integral part…
plastic free

Plastic-free summer at Carbon Smart

For the plastic-free July, our team took a pledge to reduce its single-plastic usage. We looked at the results and…
Women in Sustainability

Women leaders in sustainability

Louise Quarrell, Co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Carbon…

Green Finance Strategy - an overview

The Green Finance Strategy was launched by the Government earlier this month as a key pillar to the UK’s Clean…

Staying ahead: BDO's commitment to low carbon future

  In March 2019, Carbon Smart delivered a series…
SECR streamline energy and carbon report ESOS

The energy and carbon reporting imperative: how can ESOS help you to get ready?

The introduction of SECR guidelines from 1st April 2019, carbon & energy reporting will become mandatory for thousands of UK…

Which pioneering technologies and brands are paving the way to sustainable fashion?

Carbon Smart’s top picks from London’s 8th Future Fabrics…
waste strategy

Resources and Waste Strategy: a shift in responsibility

The new Resources and Waste Strategy to introduce extended producer responsibility for packaging by ensuring that producers pay the full…
CDP score

Four essential climate actions to improve your CDP score in 2019

For 15 years CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) has helped investors understand the climate-related risks and opportunities faced by…
CDP footprint

Be a better business for 2019

Ready to be more sustainable? Stepping into a New Year we all…
Communicating climate change

Communicating climate change - is this the change we need?

The consequences of climate change may not be immediate but the steady decline of the environment due to human activities…

What does the IPCC’s latest Special Report mean for SBTs?

In order to limit warming to 1.5C with “no or limited overshoot”, net global CO2 emissions need to fall by…
Heat Pumps

Lowering costs and carbon with heat pumps

The UK has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 43% compared to…

SECR Streamlined energy and carbon reporting

The government aims to streamline the process for businesses in a way that increases transparency
Sustainable procurement

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement practices are increasingly becoming top…
Tackling the packaging event

Suffolk and Norfolk take on the packaging challenge

BEE Anglia programme partners and Carbon Smart with the East…
ESOS phase 2

ESOS then & now

How has the sustainability world evolved since ESOS Phase 1? ESOS…
Supply chain scope 3 emissions

Closing the Scope 3 reporting gap

A recent UN report revealed that governments have only pledged…
Plastic alternatives

Debunking the compostable myth

Do you know the difference between compostable, biodegradable…
Solar installation for businesses

Solar technology: innovations, challenges and small scale installation benefits

Combatting climate change through solar power Growing concerns…
Tackling the packing challenge

Tackling the Packaging Challenge

Last year, Blue Planet struck a chord with the public: we have a plastics pollution problem. It’s leaching into our…
ESOS audits

ESOS Phase 2: beyond compliance and added value

How can your business benefit from ESOS Phase 2? Many businesses…
sustainability strategy for your business

Sustainability strategy: have you got it right?

The challenges around sustainability are the biggest of our generation,…
smart manufacturing event

Resource efficient business models

How to drive efficiency and unlock new opportunities   Your…
small business environmental certification

How can small businesses join the route to sustainability?

Although previously considered a somewhat abstract concept, sustainability…
Environmental verification

Verifying your environmental data

Why are more and more organisations getting their environmental…
Non financial reporting eunfr

Stepping up your company’s non-financial reporting to keep up with new legislation

  Alongside financial information, reporting on non-financial…
CDP reporting

How can focusing on climate change recapture the purpose of reporting?

Reporting season – whether you have already published or are…
Plastic problem

We have a problem and a lot of plastics

The plastic mess we are in, what governments are doing and what…
Renewable energy solution Carbon Smart

2017 - UK’s greenest year to date thanks to renewables

2017 may be blacklisted in many peoples’ minds as the year…

Reflecting upon the 2017 CDP results and preparing for the 2018 changes

We are excited to head into the new year with new developments…

7 simple ways companies can integrate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainability means different things not just for people but…
Blockchain carbonsmart

Everyone is talking about blockchain, so why all the hype?

When 10,000 government delegates met at COP23 to tackle climate…

We need to talk about plastics

It seems like we can’t go a day at the moment without reading…

8 tips to making your office more eco-friendly

Often, when you think about going green, the immediate consideration…

Clean Growth Strategy: What does it mean for businesses?

The long-awaited Clean Growth Strategy has been released on 12…

ESOS compliance & ISO 50001 - which is the best route for you?

With ESOS Phase 2 appearing on the horizon, many businesses are…

Plastic packaging alternatives – what should you procure?

Plastic, one of the most useful and versatile materials, but…

Could the EU NFRD have prevented the BBC pay scandal?

In July 2017, the BBC made headline news when the sheer scale…
Carbon smart energy and renewables

Could ESOS be the key to unlocking the UK’s Demand Side Response capacity?

We are currently living through a time of transition. As the…

The 2017 UK conversion factors are released

The arrival of the much-anticipated 2017 Defra UK conversion…

Sustainable building: how to make your office work for you

The building you’re working in right now could be making you…

You’ve got the power. Now what are you going to do with it?

Demand side response is often talked and written about. Energy…

Life below water - on ocean acidification and the UN's SDGs

One of the key business themes of the UN’s SDG 14 (sustainable…

Driving the sustainability agenda through diversity

Businesses have a uniquely challenging mission when driving the…