CDP: another type of reporting you shouldn’t overlook

Whilst most annual reports are now done and dusted, it is time for another kind of reporting to take place.

If you are a large company that wants to be credible when it comes to environmental commitment and credentials,CDP is the key to access green leadership and you should be thinking about completing their climate change questionnaire before their deadline in June – if haven’t done so already.

CDP, the sustainability disclosure scheme covering areas such as climate change, water and forests, has become the most respected way for companies to measure their environmental impact year on year. Over 4,500 companies across more than 80 countries report to CDP every year, including 71% of FTSE 350 – and a large majority of those choose to make their responses publicly available. Through its climate change questionnaire, CDP assesses the transparency, accountability as well as the measurement and management of companies’ environmental impacts and gives them a score based on their level of disclosure and performance. Top companies are listed in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index and Climate Performance Leadership Index.

But actually hitting those high scores can seem like a bit of a challenge. There are a few tricks to answer the questions right and provide CDP with the information they are looking for. Whether you have never replied to the questionnaire before or you are looking for ways to improve previous performances, boosting your score is possible, even for this year with the deadline fast approaching.

Here a few tips to find your way to a top score:

  • Engage your compliance, legal and/or financial teams when it comes to reviewing your company’s approach to risks and opportunities
  • Review score responses from top companies in your sector to draw a few lessons
  • Make sure you link emissions reductions you achieved to specific activities that contributed to these reductions
  • Focus your attention on sections that represent a high percentage of the total score
  •  If it’s not your first time, get feedback – the CDP team can provide you with comments about your past responses.

Achieving a higher score is possible and within reach if you follow these tips alongside a few others.

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