Cestrian Imaging – the 100th company to achieve our certification

Cestrian Imaging is one of the latest companies to be Carbon Smart certified, the digital imaging and creative brand company joining a significant number of companies that since the beginning of the year have achieved the highly successful standard. With an average of thirty companies per month signing up to achieve the standard, the certification scheme continues to be one of the most successful in the country. Nevertheless, why would a company like Cestrian, which already boasts ISO 140001 and EMAS (The European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) accreditation, join the scheme?

Cestrian Imaging employs over 100 staff at its offices and print factory in Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester; over the last three years the business has worked hard to achieve ISO14001 and EMAS accreditation. Together, these environment management systems have supported the business to drive building improvements, technology and behaviour change, with the company achieving demonstrable reductions in all its key resource use areas: gas, electricity, water and vehicle fuel, as well as raw material use reduction.

In January, Cestrian approached Carbon Smart to assess its management systems and environmental improvement activities with a view to becoming Carbon Smart Certified. It did so as the company recognised the internal and external benefit that a third party assessment could deliver.  From an internal perspective, the fact that Cestrian was awarded Silver, over the Blue standard, was an acknowledgment of the sustainability results achieved by the company. Opening up what already appeared to be a successful project for scrutiny has raised confidence in the management system. Both the review, which helped to tweak small elements of the system, and this knowledge, provided a valuable boost to the morale of the staff working on the systems. Importantly, with regular assessment Carbon Smart Certification will continue to enhance staff responsibility, commitment and motivation and will demonstrate the need for continuous improvement.

From an external perspective Carbon Smart Certification is a great opportunity to validate that the business is truly growing in a sustainable manner.  It helps Cestrian, and other scheme members, to demonstrate that the business has considered operational performance and wastage, and therefore efficiency, which reflects positively on reputation.

The uniqueness of the scheme means that whether you are a business like Cestrian, which recognises the importance of validation and a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to review activities, or a business at the start of the sustainability journey, then having support from the service and becoming Carbon Smart Certified will benefit your business.

For more information about our Certification scheme, click here or simply contact jack.morris@carbonsmart.co.uk / 0207 048 0450. 

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