A northwestern safari

Popular North-West animal conservation and visitor attraction Knowsley Safari Park is embarking on a new study to quantify and better understand its environmental performance. The study is an important first step in supporting the Park to develop a long-term strategy that will place sustainability at the centre of its operations and plans for development. The Park will be transformed into a pioneering conservation and visitor attraction, which continues to have a positive influence on its visitors through its conservation and preservation ethos. The Park’s Operations Director approached Carbon Smart to complete the important first phase of work that will lay the foundations for the strategy.

This began with a detailed examination of resource consumption including a carbon footprint calculation, providing the Park with an important measure of their highest impact areas affecting sustainability performance. Analysis was supported by onsite visits that identified areas of the Park with high resource-use; recommendations were then provided including practical actions to reduce resource-use and advice on how to remove barriers to implementing these.

The detailed study resulted in the identification of priority action areas and long term strategic recommendations, such as the opportunity to generate renewable energy from animal waste. The onsite visits also identified a number of quick win, resource optimisation recommendations, which are predicted to save the Park over £50,000 and 140 tonnes of CO2e annually. These recommendations included the introduction of water savings devices in the toilets, improved heating and hot water controls and the replacement of disposal crockery and utensils in the restaurant.

Carbon Smart is looking forward to the next phase of work with the Park, to support the implementation of those recommendations identified in the study and the development of a sustainability strategy.

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