70% of targeted organisations compliant with ESOS by January 2016

The deadline for ESOS has now been and gone: Jo Scully of the Environment Agency has confirmed to Carbon Smart that, as of 5 December 2015, 4000 organisations have notified them of their compliance, and 2500 others have stated they intend to comply by the 29 January 2016. Only a very small number of companies still needing to comply have opted for an ISO 50001 (about 100 only). Added together, these numbers represent about 70% of the companies expected to fall under the ESOS regulation.

This encouraging figure still suggests that about 2500 businesses haven’t submitted anything to the Environment Agency and risk facing fines in the new year. They are also missing out on significant savings opportunities by not identifying areas for improvement. The Environment Agency stated: ‘government has calculated that if businesses covered by ESOS reduce their energy use by just 0.7 per cent, they will save around £250m each year’.

Compliance with the scheme is a good first step, but implementing recommendations is essential to reap the benefits calculated by the government, and cut down on emissions.

Plan your implementation strategy early in the new year to start benefitting from money and emissions savings. We can help you map out the best course for your company and build the business case to implement the right measures.

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