Resource efficiency toolkit update

Good news for businesses in the North West – Carbon Smart has just completed work with Business Growth Hub (BGH) to update the award-winning Online Efficiency Toolkit they use with the latest greenhouse gas conversion factors. This ensures that SMEs working with BGH receive accurate and up-to-date figures on environmental savings from efficiency improvements.

As part of a host of environmental business services offered by BGH, the Efficiency Toolkit allows businesses to track opportunities for investment, such as retrofit of LED lighting systems and other low carbon technologies, or replacement of raw materials in a manufacturing process with a recycled alternative. The Toolkit calculates paybacks and carbon emissions savings so businesses can prioritise the most suitable opportunities. Carbon Smart has used their industry expertise to ensure the Toolkit is accurately updated with the newest available Defra 2016 conversion factors and latest energy and water prices.

Carbon Smart has also analysed the current and future environmental reporting and policy landscape to assist BGH in understanding what type of support SMEs may need in the coming years. This allows BGH to put steps in place now, to ensure SMEs are prepared for their future obligations and further growth opportunities.

Rebecca Chedd from BGH said: “Carbon Smart helped us to update our toolkit and provided a detailed review of the greenhouse gas reporting and energy regulation landscape. We had a very positive experience working with Carbon Smart – they are certainly experts in this area, and delivered clear and accurate work which helps us directly support the SMEs in the North West.”

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