ASOS continues to improve its environmental responsibility

ASOS have appointed Carbon Smart to deliver a renewable technology appraisal and recommendations for their new, state-of-the-art distribution centre in Berlin. ASOS continues to improve its environmental performance as part of the company’s corporate responsibility programme, ‘Fashion with Integrity’. This project will equip ASOS with the knowledge to invest in carbon reduction technologies and secure the long term viability of their European operations.

Carbon Smart has been selected to assess the potential for a range of renewable energy technologies at ASOS’s new build distribution hub in Berlin. This assessment will include modelling relevant renewable and low-carbon energy systems, including solar PV, CHP, biomass, wind, and ground- and air-source heat pumps, to evaluate the technical and financial feasibility of such systems for the facility. Given the different policy regimes and support landscape in Germany, Carbon Smart will also review local incentives for the proposed technologies, and advise on routes to implementation during the construction phase of the project.

The site in Berlin presents an exciting opportunity for ASOS and Carbon Smart to set the direction for low carbon, cost effective and sustainable energy. We will apply our expertise and industry-tested modelling tools into this project to support ASOS on their sustainability journey. This marks the fourth collaboration between Carbon Smart and ASOS in the past 12 months, with Carbon Smart having previously assisted ASOS to comply with the ESOS legislation, calculate their global carbon footprint and improve their supply chain sustainability.


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