Post ESOS: When to act

In our opinion, businesses should act now to make compliance with ESOS phase two straightforward and cost effective.  Of the 100+ business we worked with on ESOS compliance – only a handful had robust enough data to meet the requirements of the regulation ahead of our work with them.  Moreover, only 6% (369) of the 10,000 organisations required to comply with the ESOS regulation in 2015 were covered by ISO 50001, which meant they didn’t need to conduct ESOS audits.

This tells us that many businesses were not prepared enough to comply with the requirements of the ESOS regulation in phase one – we fear that inaction in the coming 24 months could mean businesses have to overspend to achieve last minute compliance for ESOS phase two as well.

Act now and avoid the rush by introducing:

  • A Smart Data approach – ongoing data management that will ensure your business has all of the energy data it needs at its fingertips to comply with the next round of ESOS and a performance history that can tell the story of energy efficiency improvements made along the way
  • ISO 50001 – the internationally recognised standard makes it simple for organisations to integrate energy management into their wider approach to quality and environmental management. Businesses that adopt ISO 50001 as a next step will take up the opportunity to manage the roll out of current energy saving opportunities, embed energy efficiency in top management’s strategy and spread the cost of compliance over four years.

Our advice to businesses is to start paving the way for ESOS phase two now, to keep costs down and avoid the sprint to the compliance deadline in four years’ time.

If you are interested in our Smart Data service why not read our SmartPaper written by Aleksandra, one of our in-house data experts.  Or to talk with us about your strategic approach to ESOS phase two and ISO 50001, get in touch with


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